Lyra Network PHP SDK examples (V3.1)

Transaction creation Examples Description
minimalEmbeddedForm.php Embedded payment form example
minimalEmbeddedForm.custom.fields.php Embedded payment with email field
minimalEmbeddedForm.mat.php Embedded payment form example with material theme
minimalEmbeddedForm.popIn.php Embedded payment form example in popIn (classic)
minimalEmbeddedForm.popIn.mat.php Embedded payment form example in popIn (material)
SDKTest.php How to initialize the SDK

JQuery Examples Description
minimalEmbeddedForm.onError.php Manage error messages yourself
minimalEmbeddedForm.onFocus.php do some stuff when one field of the form focus
minimalEmbeddedForm.onSubmit.php do some stuff before kr-post-success-url call

Require.js Examples Description
minimalEmbeddedForm.php use require.js to load the library
createToken.php create a token. Useful for single page application like vue.js or react.